Latest Research: Olive Oil is The Healthiest Oil for Frying

Latest Research: Olive Oil is The Healthiest Oil for Frying

Fried foods favored people worldwide. However, there is still debate what kind of cooking oil is suitable for frying. Is the oil can be reused?

So far, there has been a debate among chefs, chef and businessman fried chicken, about the best oil for frying. They mention the grape seed oil, canola oil and peanut oil.

Researchers at the University Sfax Tunisia compared a research on oil suitable for frying. They compared the olive oil with corn oil, soybean oil and sunflower seed.

Examination distributed in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, headed by Akram Zibri. They noted changes in physical, substance and sustenance on oil when warmed and used to sear nourishment.

When the oil is warmed to create substances that are harmful and wholesome substance can be lost or changed. This study goes for discovering the most oil was minimal changed supplements when utilized for searing more than once.

The research team frying potatoes with 3 temperature with 4 different types of oil, plive oil, corn oil, soybean oil and sunflower seed oil. Potatoes fried in 3 temperature, 160 C, 190 C and a bunch of fried oan temperature of 180 C.

This test was repeated 10 times with the same oil, in conditions such as general household. Different ways to determine the change in use of oil during the frying process.

The results show if it used for frying, cooking oil in general, stable chemical composition than oil grains. While olive oil showed the most resistant to oxidation, and trans fatty acids as well as the percentage of total nutritional substances changed at a temperature of at least 160 C while in the frying process.

In conclusion, olive oil is better than the whole oil for frying. Because quality and better nutritional or not undergo much change.

Meanwhile, the International Olive Oil Council states, “olive oil is ideal to fry. With the right conditions and temperature and did not set too hot. No modifiers structure and nutrition remain durable compared to other oils. Not only antioxidant saga but also because of high content of oleic acid.

How Olive Oil Is Made

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