Common Mistakes in Making French Toast

Common Mistakes in Making French Toast – If you want to have brunch, French toast is an excellent meal. The food can be served with a wide variety of dishes and they still look nice. French Toast can be enjoyed anytime, but it’s going to make a perfect weekend meal. Making French Toast is not difficult, but it’s not too easy either. You have to prepare ingredients carefully and cook them appropriately to get that delicious flavor.

Mistakes in Making French Toast

However, people often make mistakes in making French Toast. The first is that you should avoid adding too much dairy. Why we think milk shouldn’t be in excess is because it would interfere with the egg in the mixture. The egg will not cook well and it will end up with soggy bread. The French Toast should have a dry and crispy surface. Another mistake in cooking French Toast is too much sugar added. Please don’t add too much sweetener such as sugar, honey, or maple syrup because the custard will not taste great when it’s too sweet. Making French Toast must be patient. You are required to be patient in mixing the custard. Ensure that the custard is evenly mixed. It feels so unattractive to see egg white popping up on the slices.

Avoid mistakes when cooking French Toast

You also have to stir it slowly that all ingredients are mixed thoroughly. Another mistake in making French Toast is you don’t choose an appropriate bread. French Toast is basically bread with pudding. You dip it into custard to get crunchy and soft textures. Don’t use bread slices that are too thin and soft as they won’t be strong enough to stick together when soaked in the custard mixture. Otherwise, thick bread slices are not the right choice because they will not cook evenly. The basic rule in choosing bread for French Toast is it must be spongy yet solid in order not to fall apart when you cook it. If you are confused to choose what kind of bread, you can go with challah or croissants.

Mistakes in Making French Toast 2

Another mistake in making French Toast is too much custard. You can’t just dip the bread without putting it on the pan first. To make the bread more delicious, you have to dip the bread into beaten eggs. 1 minute is the perfect time to soak each side of the bread. Heat must be considered carefully when cooking French Toast. Don’t cook it over high heat because it is not steak. If you do it that way, the bread will be burned. The inside of the bread is not going to be cooked well, and the outside will go black. And don’t cook the bread at a lower temperature because the result will not be good.

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